Chestnuts left to sprout

forgotten in the gutter.

I’ve potted this one!



Not yet a master

the blackbird opens its beak

hoping to be fed.



Pot of lavender.

Pond weed seems to float

on its surface.



Only harsh tiled roofs

and chimney pots.

One half of the laburnum felled.



Birds flit so quickly

in the hedgerow I don’t have time

to catch their names.



Cold linoleum

In my socks watching snowflakes

rising and falling.



Dreams again

of memories then.

Now, morning light.



Old pond, plastic frog.

From time to time they say

wild duck splash down here.



It is enough to say

I love to hear the sparrows

under the eaves.



Gull high in the air.

I am no longer here

beneath the blue sky.



Grey sky once again

I am alone by the lake.

Rain drips from the pines.



Fence by the meadow.

Two corn buntings standing guard

at their posts.



Crows among white doves

walk everywhere together.

No contrast at all!



So it was the rain

coming in sunny showers.

Last cherry blossom.



Above ground life is

hawthorn hedge and golden fields.

Ah! I remember.



Yellow butterfly

coming and going.

Bird in hiding singing.



At the open door

a squirrel looks in.

Nowhere to hide!



Hydrangea flowers

windblown in a spider’s web

winged like butterflies.



A storm gathering

white gulls darkening clouds.

Nothing more.



A will-o-the-wisp

at last floating through cornfields

and summer meadows.



Leaves falling

bare tress

yellow leaves or none.



The birch tree shivers

in the sun over

my cold bones.



I am untravelled

breathlessly arriving here

where I always am.



Flowers in the window.

Ah! Reflections of summer

roses in the glass.



Blue tits hanging

from apples in the apple tree.