A sort of café, a place...

... to file my notes and work in progress, and drop off my published books. Another place to read and write and think. A sort of internet café of one.

Why write? is an easier question to answer than Why publish? ‘Only writing,’ wrote Eric Hoffer, ‘– any sort of writing – can justify my existence.’ But when you decide to publish, you are obliged to examine just how much of that decision is vanity, how much is delusion, how much you need the acknowledgement of others against the sufficiency of having the finished copy in front of you.

Mike Heppner, who gave away his book in cafés, said: ‘I've learned that no one is ever going to say thank you. You have to do what you want to do, and you'll get compensation or you won't. It's worth doing, or it's not.’

Here I sit. If you're there, welcome to the café.

Writing is my second profession. My first profession is dreaming. Blaise Cendrars